Small dog breeds are always popular because they’re so easy to keep in smaller living spaces – and they’re also oh so cute! But if your tiny pup wants to snuggle on the bed with you, their diminutive size might prove a problem, and you need to find a safe way to ensure their independence. The same pet stairs can be used for cats – a great choice if you keep several types of pets at once!

The same goes for anyone taking care of an ageing or ill/injured pooch – if they’re used to climbing into certain spaces, like cars or sofas, not being able to do so anymore may lead them to hurt themselves. To solve that problem, we have rounded up the best pet stairs the market has to offer. All our picks are based on real customer reviews so you can be sure these products are up to snuff. 

We made sure to include some variety in our list, so whether you’re looking for dog stairs for high beds, soft foam pet stairs or small stairs to fit a tiny pooch and a cat, please read on – you will definitely find something to suit you.

Best dog stairs picks based on 2020 reviews

Editor’s pickBest suited forMain characteristicsRating 
PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet StairsSmall, Medium, Large, X-Large PetsLightweight, durable, suitable for pets of any size, inexpensive.4.7
Best Pet Supplies Stairs with CertiPUR-US Certified FoamSmall/Medium dogsSoft, easily foldable into a cube, attractive design.4.7
Pet Gear Easy Step II Extra Wide Pet StairsSmall Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large BreedsExtra wide steps suitable for the largest dogs. Removable, machine washable carpet lining.4.5
PETMAKER Folding Pet StairsSmall/Medium dogs
Lightweight, foldable, travel friendly.3.5
Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampStepsElderly dogs, Large dogsEasy conversion from steps to a ramp to support ageing dogs with joint problems. Attractive design.4.6

PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Probably the easiest and safest beginner pick on the market. If you’re unsure your dog will use the stairs at all, don’t have a big budget to work on and just want a lightweight option you can maneuver easily, these stairs are a very good choice. These doggie stairs are one of the cheapest reliable options, can be moved around easily and suit a wide variety of breeds. They can also be collapsed for easier storage, even though they don’t fold to a particularly small size. 

Best suited for indoor use, these stairs feature non-slip coating and safety rails, so an overexcited pooch doesn’t slide off to the side. Easy to assemble and easy to wipe clean, this is truly a no-fuss option for those who don’t have any specific preferences. Their price beats the generic walmart stair treads and the dubious pet stairs you can get at target, and the quality far exceeds them. Best puppy stairs if only for the safety and washability.


Affordable price
Easy setup and assembly
Adjustable height, important when choosing bed stairs for dogs
Bulky when folded, can’t be stored in a tight space
Not the most stylish look with an all-plastic design
19.5 inches can be too short for some cars/beds

Best Pet Supplies Stairs with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

A top pick if you’re buying stairs with joint support in mind – these are soft and cushioned, which makes climbing them easy and relieves stress on the leg and paw joints. The foam is firm enough to even support larger dogs, although the lightweight frame might not be the most durable in the long haul. These stairs look quite attractive and will fit seamlessly into most rooms – they also fold into an easy to store cube shape, unlike your general petco dog stairs. Great dog stairs for bed, couch and any other indoor use.

The fabric these steps are made of is easily washable, and full padding ensures that they’re as quiet as can be – no one will be disturbed by the sound of tiny paws scampering up and down. The steps themselves are sturdy enough, but be warned that they don’t come with any built in slip protection to use on hardwood floors and tile. Foam dog stairs are best suited to smaller dogs who are prone to joint injury and dislocation as they provide ample cushioning. However, some large dogs may also use these stairs with little trouble.

More Custumers Reviews

Cushioned joint support
Easy assembly and somewhat adjustable height
Attractive design
Light weight and portability
The fabric is easy to clean
No anti-slip protection for hardwood floors
No safety railings
No protection against tipping over
Not suited for cars

Pet Gear Easy Step II Extra Wide Pet Stairs

Finding fitting steps for large dogs or dogs with a super wide stance like bulldogs can be very tricky, so we made sure to include at least one top pick to fit their needs. These steps come in Extra Wide, to make sure even the largest breeds have enough space to climb them comfortably. They’re very lightweight, so easy to pick up, move around and store – even in a car. The assembly isn’t overly complicated either, but it does take a bit more than just taking them out of the box. Pet Gear created the perfect stair treads for dogs with a wide stance and large paws.

These dog stairs may not look straight out of an interior design magazine, but they fill their niche very well – and for a good price too, which has earned them well-deserved raving reviews from many satisfied customers. One thing you need to pay attention to, though, is checking the measurements, because there’s no room for height adjustment with these. Perfect dog stairs for large dogs are not easy to find, but these are pretty darn close.

Large and sturdy
Easy storage
Removable and machine washable carpeting
Assembly requires some elbow grease
Not the most attractive look
Only 2 steps with no way to adjust height

PETMAKER Folding Pet Stairs

From a large pup option to a small dog exclusive – these folding pet stairs are tailor made for small pooches who need an extra boost climbing into tall spaces. Extra tall dog stairs are not easy to come by, and this option also comes with a rather attractive design which is a far cry from the usual cumbersome plastic. We particularly recommend these stairs for dogs for high beds and rooms with little floor space.

These stairs are fully foldable, which makes for extremely easy storage, but that comes at a price of them not being very sturdy. Be wary if choosing those for a heavier dog or a dog that tends to get excited and scamper up and down, as these stairs don’t offer extreme stability (and the pretty design unfortunately features some sharp edges too). They are fully carpeted, so for a dog that likes taking its time, there will be plenty of paw stability. 

Finding pet stairs for beds that are 30 inches high is not easy, so we had to include at least one pick. These are one of the few tall pet stairs that are suited particularly for small pups.

Attractive design
Easy to fold and store
One of the few extra tall options
No assembly required
Not suitable for larger dogs
The steps are a bit steep for dogs with back problems
Sharp edges

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

These steps are unique in that they can be easily converted from stairs to a ramp should a need arise. This versatility helps if you have several dogs or need to adjust to different issues. This is, without a doubt, one of the pricier options out there, but thousands of satisfied customers have vouched for solid build and good quality. If you’re particularly looking for wood pet stairs, check them out. These are no petsmart pet stairs – they look straight out of an interior design blog!

Being furniture grade and made out of wood, these steps can be heavy to move around – though they do collapse flat and have a handle on top for easier handling. They are best suited for medium to large breeds, as the steps cannot be height adjusted and when in ramp mode, it can be too steep for the smallest breeds to climb. If you can handle the price though, these would be the tall dog stairs we recommend.

Solid build and attractive design
Large and wide to suit most dog breeds
Converts from stairs to ramp and back
Come pre-assembled
Heavy and not too easy to move around
Long incline takes up a lot of floor space
Non-removable carpeting
Comparatively steep price

The Best 5 Top Dog Stairs

Buyer’s Guide

So you have seen all the best options on the market, but what do you need to pay attention to when choosing the best option for you? Here are a few key points you cannot miss when choosing the best pet stairs to suit your needs. 


Probably the first thing you should be paying attention to. Both the size of your dog and the height of the place they’re trying to reach are important. Make sure the stairs fit your bed or couch, especially if you’re taking care of an arthritic dog that can’t jump. If your pooch is large or has a wide stance, make sure the stairs are wide enough for it not to squeeze through. Choosing dog stairs for beds and cars is different because of the opening size – make sure to consider that as well.


Both plastic, wood and soft padding have their pros and cons. Plastic is less stable but is usually cheaper and lighter. Wood looks great in any room but can be pricier and heavier to move around. Soft padded steps are an amazing choice for dogs needing the extra cushioning but they can be harder to clean. You should always consider your particular circumstances before you commit to a model. Visiting your local petsmart to see the dog stairs in person might not be a bad idea if you’re unsure what material you like.


Do you need your stairs to stay in one place or will you be moving them around a lot? Will they be a constant feature in your bedroom or do they need to fit in the back of your car? Foldable stairs usually aren’t as sturdy as their bulkier counterparts so you really need to weigh your options and needs before you make the final choice.

Why do I need to buy dog stairs?

There are several reasons you might need dog stairs. Not many people can switch up their furniture when they bring a dog into their life – and you really don’t have to.

  1. If you own a small/short-legged breed and you have high beds and sofas, you should consider dog sofas to keep your puppies from launching themselves into the air and potentially hurting themselves. You might be thinking “I’ll just pick them up”, but what about the times when you’re asleep or not in the room? Putting doggie stairs next to your bed is no price to pay for peace of mind.
  2. Many dogs suffer from arthritis and other joint conditions, and it’s not just limited to purebreed, ageing or injured dogs. Jumping and climbing can aggravate these problems – and using doggy stairs is recommended not just to get around, but also to prevent joint injuries. Protecting your pooch’s health is important and you should be taking all the steps to insure their safety (pun intended!)
  3. If you have large dogs, chances are you have to drive them to special parks for quality recreation time. And if you have a larger car to accommodate them and the rest of your family, getting the puppies inside may prove tricky. That’s where dog stairs or ramps come in – now the furry friends can calmly walk in, instead of trying to propel themselves into the air, ruining the car interior and risking injury.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog stairs

How do I choose the type of stairs I need?

First off, measure the furniture you will be using the stairs with. Then consider the size of your dog. Larger breeds prefer wider stairs with fewer steps, smaller breeds need shorter, more accessible steps to climb, preferably with a guard rail. If you need doggie stairs for bed, make sure the puppy doesn’t have to make a leap from the last tread onto the mattress. We have some pet stairs for high beds listed in this article so make sure to check them out! If you’re fitting dog stairs for a couch, make sure they don’t slide on the floor and aren’t in the way of people walking.

Are folding pet stairs safe to use?

All the stair models listed in our reviews have been proven safe by hundreds upon hundreds of customer reviews. However, it’s very important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and make sure your pet doesn’t exceed the safe weight. If you own a large or an extremely energetic dog, you need to make sure to pick out the sturdiest model. The cheapest generic pet stairs you can get at petco or petsmart might not be reliable enough.

How do I train my dog to use the stairs?

Most dogs need a little bit of encouragement to overcome their fear of an unknown obstacle. The key is getting the dog and stairs acquainted in a safe, controlled environment. Make sure the steps are set up securely and always watch your pet for the entirety of the process. Enticing them with their favourite treat usually works like a charm! Make sure to reassure them and make them go up and down the stairs several times to get used to them.

Are stairs better than a ramp?

It depends. Ramps are usually easier to store and therefore many people prefer to use them for cars. However, stairs are much easier to use indoors if you need them to be a permanent feature of your home. Additionally, smaller dog breeds may have a harder time with a ramp or treads because the incline is too steep for them to climb.

Can’t I just get some cheap dog stairs at walmart?

Sure you could – but the cheap models are often unstable, hard to assemble and break down fast. Not to mention you might not have much of a choice size-wise – finding dog stairs for tall beds is hard enough online and even worse in stores! We’re passionate about our pets and will always recommend putting their safety first and thinking your purchase through.

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