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We choose all the best, the most interesting things For our adored tails and share useful tips and advice with our readers. How to choose a cage for your pet? How to equip a playing place in the house to be safe? What kind of food is right for your puppy? Why does one dog love toys, another one plays with sticks only? Why does one dog love to swim, and the other one is afraid of water? We`ll answer these and other questions in our materials

The 5 Top Dog Gates (2020 Reviews)

Deciding to let a furry friend into your life is really just as much responsibility as deciding to have a child - and that includes making sure your home is a safe place to live for them. Pups tend to get into places they’re not meant to be in, so you really need to make sure you can shield them from the hazards.

The Best 5 Top Dog Stairs (2020 Reviews)

Small dog breeds are always popular because they’re so easy to keep in smaller living spaces - and they’re also oh so cute! But if your tiny pup wants to snuggle on the bed with you, their diminutive size might prove a problem, and you need to find a safe way to ensure their independence.

Hello world! I was born!

It’s easy to know exactly how old your dog is if you got it from a breeder, but strays and rescues often don’t have a luxury that is a passport. Whether you want to estimate how old your pet is or how are dog years compared to human years developmentally, there are a few handy methods to help you out. Also, are “dog years” even real?

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